The Caliburn G3 is made from aluminium alloy. It can fire from pressing the button and/or auto-draw. It features a trigger lock which is handy and essential for pocket carry. This also gives you the option of using the G3 in auto-draw mode only. With the onboard screen, you can adjust your wattage in 1W increments up to 25 watts. The 900mah battery can be charged at up to 2 amp via its type C port.


Pod Tank:​

What helps to make the G3 leak proof is the new ultrasonic welding Uwell use for this pod series. Does it work? Definitely. I haven’t had a single drop of moisture into the pod deck, or oozing from the pod tank. Due to this new design and the 2.5ml size increase, the Caliburn G3 is only compatible with the G3 series of pods. However there are plenty of choices available in this range. Depending on the location, you also get a choice between a 2,5ml side port refillable transparent pod tank or a 2ml (TPD) top fill pod tank. For a tighter MTL there’s a new 1.2Ω pod tank due shortly.


Uwell Caliburn Review and Guide: Most Popular Refillable Pod System

The Uwell Caliburn is easily the most popular refillable pod system in the world at the moment. That fact became abundantly clear when most of the factories in Shenzhen shut down for weeks at the beginning of 2020. Not long after that, vaping discussion groups on Reddit and elsewhere began to fill up with messages from people who were unable to find Uwell Caliburn pods at their favourite vape shops. Some people even began to fear that the Caliburn was discontinued. You didn’t see discussions like that about any other pod system – just the Caliburn by Uwell.

Vapour Production

The Uwell Caliburn produces dramatically more vapour than pre-filled pod systems like the JUUL®. That’s because the Caliburn has a much larger atomizer coil – more like a vape pen coil than a typical pod system coil – and because it operates at a higher wattage.

The Caliburn also has amazing vapour production compared to most pod systems owing to the fact that it’s one of the few small pod systems with push-button manual operation. Automatic draw-based firing is also available, but if you’ve ever used a vaping device with automatic firing, you know that there’s always a delay during which you inhale nothing but air until the device begins producing vapour. When you use a device with a manual button, you can press the button before you begin inhaling. A manual button gives you an enormous increase in vapour production.

The Uwell Caliburn uses direct voltage output when supplying power to the atomizer coil. That means the Caliburn produces more vapour when the battery is full – due to the higher available voltage – than when the battery is nearly empty. When you notice a steep decline in vapour production, it’s time to charge the battery.


The Caliburn G is a device of simplicity. The unit features no complex menus or digital displays, no series of buttons with which to adjust power levels.

The Caliburn G features a single button on it’s front which you use to turn it on and may or may not use to fire it. You see the key feature of the previous Caliburn returns with this device; draw activation technology!

Once the device is activated all you need to do is bring it to your mouth and puff; the moment the Caliburn G detects airflow it will begin atomising your vape juice.

Users may wish to use the firing button if they want to slightly cook the first big lungful, though most MTL users will likely find the draw-activated puff more than satisfying, thanks to the 18W power output.


The Caliburn G has seen a significant improvement in it’s battery capacity, going up from 520mAh to a whopping 690mAh. This takes the Caliburn G into the go-to daily vape category, providing enough power for both a day at work and the evening after.

In the event you do find your Caliburn G running low on power you can always use the new and very welcome USB Type C charger, rapidly taking your unit from empty to full in approximately 45 minutes.

And with the help of the passthrough technology installed, you can continue to vape while it’s charging, meaning you’ll never be stranded without your trusted pod vape.

The Caliburn G has a small power indication light at the base with three colours; green means above 60% power, blue means between 60% and 30%, red means less than 30%. Ten red flashes in a row means it’s time for a quick charge with the USB Type C cable included in the kit.


For such a compact and elegant device, the Caliburn G delivers a hefty and powerful hit – firing at 18W of power to deliver as solid an inhalation as an MTL device can reasonably deliver.

The coils rewick quickly, ensuring you’ll never have to wait long between puffs for even more satisfying hits from your Caliburn G.

Those who like a slightly more powerful hit will likely find they enjoy using the firing button, as pressing this just prior to inhalation will give the Caliburn G a few seconds to ‘cook’ and produce a larger initial puff.


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